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Get the Inside Scoop on Some Great Racing Drones


Racing drones are so much fun to use! They provide owners with a rush of pure adrenaline and they are used for drone racing, whereby pilots of drones fly their racing machines around courses at the highest speeds possible. Racing drones need to provide a high level of performance in order to be competitive as they are flown around set courses. This is why choosing the right racing drone is so important.

Today, we’re going to recommend three models which are really exceptional. One of them may be right for you. We’ve picked these models based on the reputations of their manufacturers, as well as their performance, customer reviews and features. We’ve done the comparison-shopping for you, in order to help you find superior models which are great choices for drone racing.

It’s important to buy quality if you want to win races. However, you shouldn’t need to spend an absolute fortune in order to get it. The models listed here will vary in price based on which retailer you purchase from. That being said, they are affordable at most suppliers. As well, many of them are easy to take care of and include safety features which make them easier to fly.

Without further ado, let’s look at a trio of racing drones which provide premium performance, without any downside. You’ll be pretty safe choosing any of the three, or all three!  We believe in these models, because they offer everything that most people need and want, without being super high-end.

Discover the IMMERSION RC VORTEX 285 Racing Drones

If you want an innovative drone which earns high rankings from real-life customers, you’ll enjoy learning about the Immersion RC Vortex 285

This exciting racing drone has a mini-quad design which is fold-able and it’s loaded with practical features. Those who choose these well-made racing drones access integrated, full graphic OSD, which is linked to a flight controller that runs Clean flight software.

This pre-loaded software program is acclaimed and using it will help you to fly your drone successfully. If you want more information about Clean flight software, you’ll find lots of stuff online. It’s a great program and it’s a great feature of this particular racing drone. The software is really important, so Clean flight is definitely a bonus.

As well, this drone is equipped with a 5.8GHz video transmitter which comes with an output of 350mv. If you want to do FPV racing with your buddies, you’ll find that this particular make and model is a great choice. The drone is crafted from tough carbon fiber, as well as injected plastic. It looks cool and modern and it really performs, while also being durable.

This drone comes with lots of other perks, including a pro-tuning option which will allow you to choose your preferred pilot. As well, it features an interface which is really tight and high-quality receivers of the EzUHF type. This drone may be tilted and its camera mount will work without vibrations. Also, you’ll be able to mount the GoPro (3/4) or Mobius cameras if you want to. It’s nice to have this option available if you want to use it. Also, it’s nice to know that you may choose from a couple of camera styles.



If you want a fierce racing drone that gives you an edge on the competition, you should take a closer look at the TBS Vendetta Racing Drone:

This design comes with a monocoque made from carbon fiber, as well as “quick-swap” arms. Also, this drone is very practical, as it allows for repairs which don’t require soldering. This design is perfect for FPV racing (for five-inch props) and it’s a 240-size design. You’ll love the way that this sleek racing drone looks, as well as its power and performance. In addition, it’s pretty rugged.

Equipped with a TBS Triumph Antenna, as well as TBS Core Pro OSD, in addition to TBS Unify Pro VTX, this exciting flying machine will give you the power to perform effective and detailed configuration through your remote-control stick commands. Every drone of this type is tested extensively by a drone racing pro, so you’ll receive a model which is ready to fly. Just add a receiver and 4S battery to the drone and you’ll be ready to take this model up into the skies. You’ll find that flying this drone is very straightforward. It’s popular with pilots of many different skill levels.



This respected flying drone comes from a top-notch manufacturer and it’s extremely functional in light of its compact size. If you want a smaller quadcopter for FPV racing, you’ll find that the Lumenier QAV250 Carbon Fiber Mini FPV Quadcopter:

is a smart pick. When you choose this model, you’ll access an air-frame which measures two hundred and fifty millimeters, This air-frame is designed to accommodate five-inch props. As well, the unit’s motor shaft is measured, so it’s able to go diagonally. This is a cool feature which will give you more options as you move your racing drone through the sky.

This design offers exceptional LOS orientation, thanks to its couple of LED strips, These red and white strips are integrated and they are definitely an impressive and sensible feature. As well, this racing drone comes with support for a high-def camera. For example, if you want to add a Mobius, you’ll find that you’re able to. As well, this drone has superb landing gear which is a lot like the landing gear on QAV500 CFs.

As you can see, this design does have a lot to offer. It’s a smart choice for those who want smaller racing drones which are built with care, from fine materials.


Which Racing Drones are Right for You?

All three of the racing drones that we’ve mentioned here are wonderful options. They get good reviews from real-life pilots, they come from manufacturers with strong and positive reputations and they are well-made, with lots of important and practical features.

The best strategy is to price all three of these racing drones online. Finding out prices, which vary, will help you to narrow the field. Some people can afford to spend more than others, so you should shop around and see which of these drones is most suitable for your budget. As well, while you’re looking around, you’ll be able to find and view pictures of all three drones. While flying speed and performance are likely your key considerations, you may find that one of the models that we’ve talked about here is a bit more attractive to you, and more appealing for this reason. Videos of these drones in flight may also be available via the Web.

Racing drones is challenging, fun and so competitive. It’s a great way to enjoy good times with friends. This “sport” is becoming more popular every day. Luckily, racing drone technology is moving forward and this means that it’s possible to access cool racing drones for less money than they cost in the past. This is good news, as more and more people from all walks of life will be able to take part in racing drones.

Now that you know more about three impressive models, you’ll be ready to move forward and find a racing drone which is right for your needs. These drones are great for personal use and they are also exciting and unique gift ideas. Anyone who enjoys aviation, remote control machines and technology will probably find a racing drone irresistible! So, why not buy one today?


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