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A Drone Phantom 2 Review


Have you ever purchased a drone before? I hadn’t, but after hearing a lot about them, seeing them for myself, and even getting the chance to pilot one, I finally decided to spend the money and try one of these out for myself. I ended up settling on the Phantom 2 Drone and I couldn’t be happier.

Phantom 2 Drone Price & Specifications

Right off the bat, let’s mention price. There is no getting around the fact that if you are interested in a drone (or quadcopter) then you will be expected to pay hundreds of dollars for the basic Phantom 2 drone price model. At $999.99, the DJI P2+H3-2D Phantom 2 Drone had a tall hill to climb to justify me buying it. Remarkably enough, I was impressed enough by the reviews of others as well as the specifications to buy.

No drone Phantom 2 review would be complete without listing some of the specifications. The Phantom 2 drone is a complete quadcopter that is ready to work after minutes of arrival. All I noticed it require was the installation of the propellers as well as 4 AA batteries to the remote. It has a slot for a camera attachment as well as a H3-2D gimbal for an incredible stability for whatever camera is attached. I was able to get mine to fly for just under 30 minutes before serious power loss. I think the 5,200-mAh-lithium polymer battery had a lot to do with it working for so long.

DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 Quadcopter
List Price: $334.90
Price: $334.90
You Save: N/A

Arrival & Flying

So what happened when I started flying it? Well, this is the part of the Phantom 2 review where express my love for what the experience is like. The Phantom 2 Drone is a dream to handle. I can’t quite remember what I flew as a test when I was considering a drone, but the Phantom 2 drone far outdid it in terms of maneuverability and performance. A part of why it handled so well had to do with the 3 axis brushless gimbal that comes included with every model. This component kept the drone flying steady and remaining upright even when it was not being actively piloted by me.

While it flies remarkably well, I must note that there was a bit of a learning curve for me. I thought flying a drone would be simpler. After reading some reviews, it turns out the Phantom 2 Drone is a little more challenging to fly. Having gotten used to it, I love the added features and complexity that account for the challenge. At the same time, someone just starting out with drones may have to take a little time to get familiar with the handling. That being said, once you are familiar and ready to go, you can do some pretty remarkable things with the Phantom 2 Drone

Video Recording & Photography

The Phantom 2 Drone has a slot on the bottom capable of placing a GoPro or similar camera. I decided to buy the camera separately and give it a try. Overall, I’m pretty impressed. While I don’t like that I can’t live stream while flying, I understand how that can interrupt with the signal from the remote. With this minor annoyance aside, I am quite impressed with what the Phantom 2 drone is capable of doing when it comes to cameras. The video was steady thanks to the shocks that provided a non-shaky viewing experience. I thought this was impossible personally, but the video doesn’t lie.

Wrap Up

While it may require a little bit of learning to becoming familiar with the controls and you are not able to live stream while flying, these are small annoyances compared to the incredible fun that the Phantom 2 drone provides. To wrap up my Phantom 2 review, I highly suggest you consider this drone if you are in the market.


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